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As our client was nearing a significant milestone, marking forty years of a fruitful and rewarding partnership with a specific client, they were on the hunt for a unique and meaningful way to celebrate this remarkable occasion and express their deep sense of gratitude.


At Essential Marcom, we put our heads together and came up with an idea that was both innovative and deeply personal. We embarked on a creative journey to conceptualize, design, and oversee the production of a one-of-a-kind commemorative book. This wasn't just any book, but a tangible celebration of a long-standing relationship that has stood the test of time.


This exceptional book, carefully crafted with attention to every detail, told the intriguing story of the property's rich history, the inception of their working relationship, an extensive look at the varying projects they've completed together over the years, and a look forward with anticipation and excitement for a continued partnership in the years to come.


The recipients were absolutely delighted to receive the elegant, leather-bound album, which was thoughtfully presented in a matching, high-quality presentation box. The sheer thoughtfulness, creativity, and effort that went into creating this unique gift deeply moved them, further cementing the bond and mutual respect that make their partnership so successful.

High-end album with brown leather cover and ,etallic embossed title standing up in matching velvet-lined presentation box

After receiving this unique gift, the owner was inspired to repurpose the book in a way that could have more widespread impact. The decision was made to distribute the book to managers and associates during a series of corporate retreats, aiming to share the rich history of the Nemacolin.​

Two distinct versions of the book were produced to cater to different preferences. One version was made with a black linen and metallic embossed cover that exuded sophistication and elegance. The other version was a soft cover book, which offered a more comfortable and casual reading experience.

Case Study Banner.png

These books were not just mere handouts. They served a purpose of providing an outline of Nemacolin's history, acting as a bridge that connected the past with the present. They gave associates a greater understanding of Nemacolin's journey and evolution.

In total, 500 books were printed. Each one of these books carries the legacy of Nemacolin, spreading its story far and wide. The distribution of these books was more than an act of sharing a company's history. It was an endeavor to inspire and motivate by showcasing the growth of Nemacolin and 84 Lumber’s impact on its success.


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